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Thursday, February 2, 2017

David Morgan Interview ~ Bayhorse Silver TSXV BHS Januarry 2017

David Morgan of the Morgan report interviews Graeme O’Neill , President & CEO of Bayhorse Silver. Mr O’Neill established Bayhorse Silver and has been President & CEO since its inception. He has been involved in managing junior exploration companies in the minerals sector for a number of years and is experienced in logistics, planning, and operations development. He has a strong background in the regulatory and compliance requirements of public companies.

well i'm david morgan here at the anchor 0:09 resource investment conference 2017 0:11 january and a bit of a blustery day and 0:14 it's always great to be in vancouver 0:15 today I have grandma Neil Baker silver 0:18 with me and visit about three times 0:20 before and actually made a trip to 0:22 property in the Coeur d'Alene district 0:25 so for those that don't know you want 0:27 you to tell us something about you and a 0:29 worse 0:30 well I've been running bakewell showing 0:33 the original founder of the company and 0:35 since 2004 you know initially we focused 0:39 on an exploration but over the years 0:44 I've realized that raising money 0:48 spending money raising money spending 0:49 money does not really serve the 0:51 shareholders or management very well so 0:54 i made the decision to go into mining 0:57 because that's more stable provide 0:59 shareholders with more benefits and give 1:02 substance to the company very good so 1:05 all is add onto that you know when 1:09 you're looking at the smaller cap stocks 1:11 the juniors especially expiration side 1:13 and there's a lot of pollution to 1:14 explain is necessary because you're as 1:17 dead Casey is referred to a burning 1:19 match in other words you've gotta raise 1:20 money to drill you raise more money grew 1:22 on you need to find it if you don't 1:23 that's a scenario so what you do is 1:26 establish in mind producing that you've 1:28 got an ass that depending on the price 1:30 of the material you can do little 1:31 average or very better than average 1:33 spending great a lot of variable so you 1:35 made that decision how long ago did you 1:37 make them see what we made that in 1:39 january 2014 and we actually got the 1:45 mind or the property when silver was 23 1:48 dollars an ounce and we thought oh good 1:50 you know we've got high grade and then 1:53 of course silver and gradually dropped 1:55 to 13 70 I think about 1364 and a lot of 2:02 the momentum that we had gained just 2:04 disappeared so it was a real grind from 2:08 that point but we kept on progressing we 2:10 kept on progressing and to the point 2:13 that and this was a big milestone for us 2:17 idaho power installed electrical power 2:21 on the mine site on December the 21st 2:24 and the middle of raging blizzard 2:28 look tell me more about the mine where 2:30 it is with the greatest you know I did 2:31 what you know several times and a 2:33 geologist during school we had a great 2:35 chat we looked over you know the grade 2:38 and the you know top view side view of 2:42 the situation's what are you elaborate a 2:44 little bit more 2:44 well the miners a small line in 1926 it 2:51 essentially stopped production because a 2:53 sewer prices just weren't able to 2:56 maintain it 2:57 it was a high-grade mind the average 2:59 grade in 1926 that they took out with 35 3:02 ounces of time now that's pretty 3:05 significant when you consider that most 3:07 primary supermind today running about an 3:10 average of seven and a half ounces of 3:12 time now a native for another company 3:16 opened it up very briefly before silver 3:18 prices dropped to three dollars four 3:20 dollars an ounce and they were taking it 3:23 out at an average of 17 to 20 ounces of 3:26 time so they used a cut-off of six 3:30 ounces tongue in 1981 a geologist named 3:36 heard Rick did a an estimate at the time 3:39 and he estimated that there was around a 3:42 hundred and sixty thousand tons it was 3:44 minable at a seven and a half ounce cut 3:47 off now this is not for these we want 3:50 one you know 3:52 in compliance with it and we're still 3:55 working on getting that resource 3:58 established for 43-101 but that gave us 4:03 a lot of confidence and there was an 4:05 enormous amount of data on it 4:07 dr. andy wallace out of reno he had 4:11 worked on the mine and i think was 76 77 4:15 all the surveys everything so massive 4:18 amount of really accurate and intense 4:20 data so we felt pretty comfortable by it 4:23 and we looked at do we go and explore 4:29 improve up or did we going and start to 4:32 rehab and and get into the mineralized 4:35 zones and we determined that we would 4:39 probably spend twice the amount of money 4:41 proven up then we would just going in an 4:44 opening that door so we chose the route 4:47 of opening it up and because we'd have 4:49 to spend that money anyway we're going 4:51 to jump in their main impacts over the 4:52 same thing and then there's situations 4:53 you've got it got it you have to prove 4:56 it yet proven by taking it out and 4:57 making money with you know i'm not 4:59 against that and it depends on the 5:01 situation i look at everything in the 5:02 case by case basis 5:03 let's move on so let's talk about what 5:06 your funding situation is in your sheer 5:08 structure 5:08 well over this last will begin at last 5:12 year we traded a fight censorship we're 5:14 currently trading at 15 but in order 5:18 september-october we traded a size 29 5:21 cents so that's that's not that that's 5:23 nearly a six bag so we're giving our 5:27 shareholders rewards and a lot of it 5:30 warrants and options are exercised so we 5:32 now sit about 36 million shares 5:35 outstanding that all the low price 5:38 warrants are all gone to all being 5:40 exercised and we're anticipating that 5:44 the 15 and 20 cent warrants will get 5:47 exercised we funded the company last 5:50 year mainly to adventure that was a 12 5:55 and a half since convertible into 5:57 Canadian 5:58 and given a twelve percent interest but 6:03 between the debentures which all went to 6:06 the mine and the exercise once it's 6:09 funded the company we're probably going 6:12 to do another financing and the near 6:14 future and we're discussing it right now 6:17 but we want to do it is a non dilute of 6:19 financing the money will go straight 6:22 down the line and with respect to how 6:27 quickly we can start producing with the 6:30 power of the mind now it's literally the 6:34 only thing that held us up with these 6:35 massive massive storms that were flowing 6:38 across California and are again and into 6:40 our area it's only warmed up this last 6:43 week as it has here in vancouver very 6:45 good so we're covered the financing the 6:48 people you by the way I think we need to 6:51 mention i know we do it every time it's 6:53 very important that you have quite a bit 6:54 in this yourself and I was like sitting 6:56 across the management that it does you 6:59 don't have something there are those 7:00 that don't you have quite a bit of your 7:02 own risk money or put into this venture 7:06 yeah it varies between 17 and twenty 7:12 percent so i always try and keep it up 7:14 at twenty percent if investors and 7:17 shareholders see management's got skin 7:19 in the game big skin in the game they 7:21 get more confidence that the speaking of 7:24 people and thats the we've talked about 7:27 that at the silver summit doing the 7:30 transition into mining it's all about 7:33 people 7:34 it's all about people and i was 7:38 fortunate that I mean down to reno 7:40 looking specifically for a top-quality 7:43 mining engineer and I has recommended 7:47 bill bill will be PhD out of Twin Falls 7:52 Idaho very close to the mine and comes 7:55 with impeccable credentials and he 7:58 joined our team about a month ago and 8:02 this rounds out i don't like to talk 8:06 about the league the quality of the 8:09 people but actually we have 8:10 PhDs that they're all hands-on they're 8:14 all extremely knowledgeable dr. Stu 8:16 Jackson run crown resources made 8:18 millions for as investors dr. Conway and 8:21 all blew people away when we did the the 8:24 tech property and australia by proving 8:27 just how the mineralization the 8:30 structures and that were put together so 8:34 we've got a really competent team now 8:38 and and that forms the basis for for 8:40 making a profitable company 8:43 well I really appreciate seeing you 8:46 again here and thank you wish you all 8:48 the successes or anything that we have 8:49 discussed that we like our viewers to 8:51 know 8:52 well we're here at the conference 8:54 obviously we're going to be presenting 8:57 tomorrow afternoon but I i think that 9:01 the viewers need to look at what's going 9:04 to happen over the next year and i think 9:07 that will be suitably and pleasantly 9:10 surprised 9:11 great so give us your website and email 9:14 phone or whatever you want to give out 9:15 to people who go to labor silver dot-com 9:18 and we can be contacted at 60 468 4339 9:25 for mentors pleasures David it's a 9:28 pleasure of the interview by you and 9:30 good luck on your interviews in the 9:32 future and and the sheriff 9:35 excellent

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